There are times when a logo sign might be enough to draw widespread business, but when your business name or logo is not vastly recognizable for the product or services you provide, think simple. Consider  whether your company name is synonymous with your product. Your name maybe smart or “catchy”, but would it tell a newcomer to your area what you are all about? Conversely, if your business was the newcomer to the area, would its residents know what you were all about?

If your answer is no, use signs to tell your story.

Many well know businesses are realizing the value of keeping it simple. A big box company no longer needs even their name to be recognized, just a bullseye or the golden arches, but that was after many years in the business. They did realize early on the power of simple signage. Simple in Lettering font, logo design, and color scheme. Then repeat, repeat, repeat.

Since most businesses are not iconic yet, deciding what your sign says to your potential customers is extremely important. Does your exterior business sign say so much that a passerby can not readily comprehend exactly what kind of business you are? Is your logo too busy? Or would a tagline added to your logo make a world of difference? This is where sign professionals can help. In the Tampa Bay area, the experts at Premier Signs of Tampa have been helping companies with their sign needs for many years. Take advantage of their expertise to get outdoor business signs that work best for you. They can advise you about not only sign types: channel letters, cabinets, pole signs, monuments, etc., but sign materials as well. Size, color, text style and lighting are equally important and the choices are vast, and they have the experience to help you sort through them.

Choosing the right words is even more important in simple building signs. For instance, does the word restaurant say enough? Or should your choice be Sushi, or Italian? Do 3 surnames in a title mean it’s most likely an attorney’s office or a neighborhood bar? Know when the intent of your business should be emphasized at least as much as the name. Here are some great examples from some Premier Signs clients:

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