This articles explores the importance of quality outdoor monument signs. Not only to announce upcoming tenants for new commercial developments and individual businesses, but also to continually showcase and direct customers to existing tenants. The first impression that it makes for your business is the first step in the relationship between you and your customer… so, make it first class!

Placement, size, materials, lighting and color all add, or detract, from your monument sign, so think it through and collaborate with experts. Whether it’s your first business venture or you are a veteran, the advice from sign experts like Premier Signs of Tampa is invaluable. A monument sign is a business investment, and like other financial decisions, you want the best use of your money when considering an outdoor business monument. Experienced sign partners can keep you on the right track. Knowing optimum size and direction placement for your particular lot with regard to the surrounding traffic flow, is just one way. Proper amount of LED lighting, high contrasting color schemes for long distance visibility, as well as ideas to simplify or “beef up” existing designs are some others. Experience and examples from past client sign installations, gives them a wealth of information to guide you and your business to the exact custom exterior monument that best suits you, your location and your budget.

One recent Premier Signs of Tampa monument sign job for a future development off of SR52 just east of 75, demonstrates many aspects of a quality, well thought out design and installation. It starts with a large rectangular sign body with only the anchor store’s name present on the largest acrylic insert. There are three of these monuments to capture the attention from traffic in all directions, and they are all double sided. The white acrylic inserts give a high contrasting background for each tenant to display each of their individual logo signs. The white acrylic against the dark gray base makes the inserts highly visible and attractive. Both sides of each sign is LED lit so the sign will continue to be visible day or night, even if the weather is not cooperating. The base was installed on in-ground poles that allow the sign to be level, even though the terrain is not. The final addition to these three outdoor monument signs was a beautiful stone base. It completes the signs, giving them an even more formidable and impressive look and a sense of permanence. Characteristics that set the tone for the feeling of this future development to all who pass by.

Your business can benefit greatly from a custom quality outdoor monument sign. A partnership with Premier Signs of Tampa, and their years of experience, will ensure you will get just that. Contact them today by calling 813-914-7006 or email to