Powerful outdoor structures answer questions of the many inquisitive passersby who have wondered what each new construction site is going to house. These imposing structures are permanent signs made of various materials from stone, brick, concrete, and metal. They can be single or double sided like this latest one that seems to have arisen out of a construction mound off SR52. Most people are just happy to finally have their curious minds sated by the new Publix sign and await new additions, but what they don’t realize is it an invaluable marketing tool for each business. It gives each business the opportunity to communicate to future customers. The sooner you get your business logo in front of potential customers, the faster word of mouth advertising goes to work for you.

Monuments are permanent “billboards” that display one or more business’ names and logos. They are usually located at each entrance to a business property, generally located near the street. This is done to be more visible to traffic and is also why the majority are double sided. Allowing both directions of traffic to be able to see the business names makes good business and economical sense. Lighting your monument with LED lights is another important step to guarantee your sign will be seen day or night.

Typically, especially for multi tenant monument signs, the names are placed on acrylic inserts. The inserts can vary in size, shape and color. Acrylic is popular because it is so versatile and cost effective. Acrylic inserts are durable for outdoor applications while being lightweight and the perfect surface for vinyl lettering and colorful logos. Large anchor stores in a business park, like the one here, will usually have a bit larger sign in a prominent position, with other tenants filling in below.  Acrylic inserts are easily changed out when tenants come and go. The name of the business park is at the very top and is usually expressed thru individual letters to distinguish the name from its tenants.

Other sign monument faces,  may also consist of 3D sandblasted or carved signs, as well as metal plaques that can be installed on the surface of the monument or inset into the body. Individual acrylic or metal letters installed directly to the surface or by pegs, are also very popular. Just remember to install your exterior business monument sign as early as your location allows, because it is your best method of communication to future clients. Formidable monument signs convey that this is a quality business here to stay.

If you have questions about the many types and options of the various monuments sign contact Premier Signs of Tampa at 813-914-7006 or email to info@premiersignsfl.com. today.