A new Jersey Mike’s restaurant is in Inverness, FL and their raceway mount logo sign, along with the two business center pylons, will show you to their front door. Everyone is ready to get out of the house, especially theses days. People are once again riding around town or taking it to the highway, and they will  be on the look out for what’s new and what to try next. Now more than ever, you must make sure you get noticed!

Follow the lead of giants in their field, like Jersey Mike’s, to know tried and true basics of exterior marketing. Make sure your logo is colorful and easy to read, and then place it repeatedly around town and especially at your location. This repetition will soon engrain your logo into your audience’s mind, which is what branding is all about. Even catching a glimpse of your logo as they are driving around will spark a memory file. It’s happened to all of us. Have you ever said, ” Now where did I see that?” You are accessing a memory file.

This Inverness location will already be using this method before the doors are open. With the help of their sign expert partners, Premier Signs of Tampa, they are making sure future customers know where they are. You will find their logo sign, this time in bright red channel letters, spread proudly across the white building soffit above their entrance. Like most of the national restaurant chain’s locations, they are not a stand alone facility. They are part of a bigger business complex and therefore, have the opportunity to have their sign be part of the large pylon “directories” at the main street entrances. The two pylons at this business park are not the same. One is considerably smaller and carries only the names of three of their tenants. The other is a very tall pylon sign that includes all of the tenants. Unless your business is the main anchor store, your sign is a smaller one of limited dimension. This is one of the best tests of a good sign and branding. Identification must be instant in order to create a good response from a customer, rather than a frustrating one. Multi tenant pylon signs are usually a flat acrylic insert sign that displays a very limited amount of information. Good, quality signs are made with a distinctive background color and high contrasting logo in the largest, proportional text size for easy legibility.

An experienced sign company, like Premier Signs of Tampa, can advise you on these important factors, so each of your signs is working to its fullest potential. Get noticed. Partner with proven sign professionals by calling Premier Signs of Tampa today at 813-914-7006, or emailing to info@premiersignsfl.com.