There are many methods of hanging signs. Most depend on the type of sign and the exact location and material to which the sign is to be attached. This article is going to focus on two of the most popular ways to install channel letter signs to exterior building fronts.

Recently, one of Premier Signs of Tampa’s repeat clients opened two new stores in Naples, Florida. They are Beltone, hearing aid specialists. As with most franchises, the exterior logo sign design, color and text remains pretty constant. The size may vary slightly, but the most frequent variable is how to attach the channel letter sign to the exact location above the entrance. The two main mounting methods for channel letter signs, and many others, are by using a raceway or by direct mounting to the wall. Partnering with an experienced sign team like Premier Signs of Tampa, the right mounting avenue is an easy choice. Upon contacting Premier Signs, a representative will come to your business location with your sign style choice to assess the mounting area and surface. They will also take into account the site’s county, city and landlord’s restrictions and codes, when advising you as to the best mounting method or methods.  Once determined, the process can begin.

The two Beltone locations needed different mounting methods mainly because of the uneven surface of one of the locations. The first store had a flat exterior wall surface, so the direct wall mount method was chosen. This involves pegs attached to the individual letters that are inserted into drilled holes in the wall. Since the wall surface was smooth, the letters hug the wall at a uniform depth. Channel letters are 3 dimensional letters that protrude off the wall and Beltone’s are meant to the same depth all the way across, matching the depth of the circular logo symbol at the beginning of the letters.

The second location had an interruption in the surface right where the sign needed to be. It was caused by the exterior design of the business center it was located in. Part of the soffit imitated a column feature that continued to the sidewalk, so because the channel letter sign was made up of individual components, the addition of a raceway was necessary. A raceway is a beam that can be painted to match the exterior wall surface, that each piece is attached to first and then it is installed on the wall. The raceway mounting allowed for the  consistent sign depth that was needed. Raceways are also used in many LED lit signs to hide the wiring.

With expert help, installing your new exterior business sign can be smooth, even if your wall isn’t. Call Premier Signs today at 813-914-7006 or email to