New Year, New You? Maybe this should apply to your business exterior signs as well. Jersey Mike’s Subs, a proliferous and highly successful restaurant chain has adopted such an attitude, resulting in a new look at their Melbourne, Florida store. First, they contacted Premier Signs of Tampa, their long standing sign partners, with their sign change out request. Armed with the new design and their client’s additional lighting wishes, the process began.

Here is an example of a traditional front exterior sign and the new look that includes a cabinet backer, still using the traditional red, white and blue color scheme, where the channel letters are placed on its front. The words “Since 1956” and “Subs” are now routed letters in the backer board, rather than additional channel lettering. The curved edges are not only representative of their usual oval cabinet signs, but the ends are now installed with halo lighting to be used at night. This style of lighting emanates from beneath the outer sides, casting light against the back wall giving the “halo” look. The end result is a fresh look with high contrast that ensures visibility and legibility from a distance, even when the skies darken.

This new sign is a great example of a combination business wall sign that is doing everything right. It is an update that included being true to the key elements of their readily identifiable logo. They kept the color scheme, the text font, and even the letter tilt angle as well as the rounding of the side edges, while giving themselves a completely updated look! Keeping many of these core components means their many years of branding is still effective, so they aren’t entirely reinventing themselves and therefore starting from scratch. They can continue to reap the benefits of a easily recognizable logo and their outstanding reputation, while conveying their continued commitment to improve themselves, keep up with the future, and be around for their loyal customers for a long time.

Isn’t it about time you gave your business a fresh new look, telling your customers the same thing? In a highly competitive business market your business can’t afford to look like one that isn’t willing to keep up with the times so as to best serve their customers. Don’t know where to begin? Contact Premier Signs of Tampa and take advantage of their vast knowledge of the sign industry and years of experience in the Central Florida region. You can reach them by calling 813-914-7006 or emailing to