Open for business? New location? Let the world know. Light it up. Incorporate LED lights in your exterior business signs. Channel letters and cabinet signs do their job no matter what the weather, or the time of day. With the changing of the seasons and the daylight at a minimum, it may be dark before your business day ends or begins. Make sure your outdoor business signs can be seen no matter what by incorporating LED lights in your signage.

LEDs are effective and efficient. The lights can be hidden inside your channel letters and can signs, and yet brightly light them from within, adding to the dimensional aspect of these two sign types. Recently, PT Solutions, needed signs for one of its newest locations and LED lighting was a must. They have multiple locations throughout the Tampa Bay are and know the value of LED lighting and the 24/7 outdoor marketing it provides each one. This photo shows the insides of the three components of their combo sign, highlighting the LEDs. Perhaps a corner location on building will allow two wall signs.

Now, with the the full color sign faces in place, their marketing begins. Each of their locations varies, and with each one the sign needs differ. This sign in Seminole, FL store is lucky enough to be on a corner, so they chose to take full advantage by installing a second combo sign on the exposed side. And, yes, it too is LED lit. This is smart business sense. When you are expanding , moving to a new location, or just wondering if your current location is all it can be, call in the experts at Premier Signs of Tampa, like PT Solutions, and many others, and get a quality, professional opinion. Make sure to get the optimum sign package for your business. Whether your clients still do business with you on site, or remotely, your exterior business wall signs are a friendly reminder that you are still open for business and ready to serve them.

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