Hear ye, hear ye, the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg announces their latest exhibition to welcome the public back. They always do everything with flair and sophistication and this time is no exception. Excited to welcome guests, they reached out to Premier Signs of Tampa, once again, to ensure the best quality signs for their building. Interior and exterior full color scrim material banners were printed and prepped for hanging, and delivered to the museum.

The interior banners depict larger than life images of the artwork they are featuring. The banners are hung from the ceiling and are vertical, colorful, “floating” masterpieces that fill the upper half of the expansive conservatory. They are weighted at the bottom to ensure that the signs can be read and enjoyed from both sides. These banner capture the guests attention the instant they set foot inside. They create an atmosphere of excitement and beauty and express, by images and words, some of the emotions that the artist’s work is known for.

The exterior banners are also hung vertically, but they are much larger and hang between the columns of the building, using it as an exterior “easel” for display. They are an artistic and sophisticated billboard that calls to the community and visitors to come and share the wonders on display inside the museum. The scrim material is durable and bares the myriad of colors and designs as if it were an expensive canvas, revealing the artistic details of the images.

These banners do the job, above and beyond. Believe it or not, they are also practical. When a sign this size is a necessity for a location, banners are the most cost effective medium. Also, banners can be printed on one or both sides, thus being twice the display power when the installation location allows. They can also be rolled and stored to be used at another time, unlike other sign materials.

If your business location could benefit from these scrim banner signs, contact the experienced sign company that the Museum of Fine Arts has trusted with their sign “masterpieces” for years, Premier Signs of Tampa. Call 813-914-7006 or email info@premeirsignsfl.com for more information and options.