Giving employees the option to come back to work on site takes quite a bit of preparation. Health code restrictions and guidelines require a company to provide informational and directional signs to make the working environment a safe one. A client came to Premier Signs of Tampa to ask for help with this task. Brainstorming and site mapping helped determine the kind, amount and placement of the varied health code signs they would need.

From the front doors and employees entrances, to the bathrooms and back rooms, floor stickers, wall signs and desk top signs were determined to be a must. Premier Signs of Tampa helped with all of them. Starting with the vinyl stickers on the floor, upon entering and throughout the building, the colorful and professional looking floor signs encourage social distancing. The vinyl stickers are durable and yet can be removed without damaging the floor surfaces. Vinyl also comes with numerous color options and can be custom cut to virtually any shape, which makes it an ideal sign medium for varied applications throughout the workplace. Other vinyl stickers were placed across microwaves and refrigerators, in employee lounges, explaining the “no use” policies. The health and safety concerns have changed the operations of the workday, even in employee’s break and lunch times and these stickers are sleek, professional reminders of the new procedures.

Another material used for various signs in this building was acrylic. Acrylic was used for the large number of work stations this company uses to identify which station is open and which one is not to be used, once again ensuring proper distancing. Different colors are used for an open desk and a closed one, distinguishing the two from a distance, otherwise they are uniform in shape, size and text style. This keeps the large room looking uniform and uncluttered. Smaller acrylic signs are posted at each individual computer, and more outside of restrooms, at sinks, and reception areas explaining new policies to keep everyone safe. Acrylic is also a durable medium and although it is very sturdy, it is also lightweight, which means it can easily be installed on walls, doors, backsplashes, or upright on counters.

Times and situations change, and if your business is adapting to the current health situation and needs help to get your workplace ready, contact Premier Signs of Tampa with your needs and concerns. Together you can get your business ready for the “new normal” in the workplace.  Call 813-914-7006 or email questions to today.