Wesley Chapel, Florida is a fast growing community with residential and commercial properties constantly popping up. Because of this rapid growth there is a an abundance of retail marketplaces with multiple tenants on every street. It is a great place to be for a business since people are moving here everyday expanding their customer base. However, it also means you are not the only business in town, and no matter what business you are in, you need to be seen. This is where the right exterior signage comes in to play. Take a cue from one of Premier Signs of Tampa’s newest clients, Geico.

We’ve all seen the very clever Geico commercials which have made their name an everyday household name, but do you know where the nearest store is located? This is one important role of exterior business signs, being a location identifier. This Wesley Chapel location is among other store fronts, so they chose extra large channel letters in their trademark blue to don the soffit space above their entrance. The five blue acrylic faced LED letters fill the soffit space between the two dark colored “columns”, and are installed just off the surface. The channel letters are 3 dimensional letters made up of an aluminum frame and an acrylic face. Channel letters are usually to be LED lit. They are the most common sign form used at multi tenant retail parks. They are very durable for this outdoor application and the many color and size options make it a versatile and popular choice for property managers.

The Geico company knows the value of marketing on multiple levels. This does not just mean they advertise on tv and radio, but that they don’t just stop with a sign above their door either. They also take advantage of the space available to them on the main pylon sign for the retail center. It is a large sign next to the street that displays the names of all of the businesses. This is an additional chance to let customers, and potential ones, to know your location. This monument holds multiple business signs between two tall columns. Each sign, including Geico’s, is an acrylic pan face with with vinyl letters, numbers or graphics. This too is usually LED lit for 24/7 visibility and marketing. as you can see here, a simple design with high contrast is the best sign for a limited space that is surrounded by many other signs.

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