Monument and Pylon signs come in all shapes and sizes and are for individual businesses or multi tenant locations. They are like the name reflects, large substantial signs that permanent fixtures many times comprised of stone, brick or wide wooden frames. They can hold sign inserts ranging from a single sign, or accommodate many. These inserts too, may vary greatly.

One newly installed insert is one at a Jersey Mike’s location in Jacksonville. They took over the location a previous tenant occupied and therefore had to have a new pylon pan face to replace the old tenants on the towering entrance pole sign for the shopping center. This acrylic pan face includes a multi color version of their logo, which helps it to stand out among the many blue and white logos of the other tenants. This little detail is smart marketing. Educate yourself with your sign’s surroundings, it may mean the difference between being seen or not.

Other monument inserts range from a single acrylic insert to sandblasted ones. These can be seen throughout Florida at its many residential and commercial areas. Premier Signs of Tampa has been an integral part of the Tampa and surrounding communities for many years creating and installing numerous monuments. Large industries and businesses to individual franchise and retail stores, restaurants and schools all have partnered with Premier Signs of Tampa for various monument needs. They have the knowledge to get any monument sign up and running. Their experience makes the process smoother, clearing any obstacles like county and city restrictions, as well as working closely with HOAs and landlords. They have worked with wide ranges of business budgets and wish lists to the satisfaction of all parties.

Premier Signs is familiar with their needs and have accommodated their varying sign combinations at many locations, making each new sign need easier. This is the same with many other companies and businesses throughout the area. When these business owners need a new monument sign or a replacement sign face for their old one, they contact Premier signs with confidence. Here are some examples:

Loyless Lit Monument

Loyless Funeral Home- Tampa, FL

Museum of Fine Arts – St. Petersburg, FL

Cypress Meadows – Tampa, FL sandblasted residential HOA sign






Contact Premier Signs of Tampa with your sign needs by calling 813-914-7006 or by emailing them at and partner up with confidence.