There are many sign materials to choose from when you are considering an exterior building sign for your business. One of these is formed plastic letters. They come in many standard colors, depths, and sizes. They are dimensional and can be formed to be rounded or flat faced. They are cost effective especially when your location requires large letters like Pasco Dental in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

The large letters span across the entire covered entrance in a beautiful blue. One of the standard colors, but options abound including metallic finishes. These tall formed plastic letters are also 1.5″ in depth, raising them from the exterior wall, creating dimensional interest. Although the depth make them look heavy, installation at this height was made easier because of the light weight of each letter. These letters also come in a broad range of text styles to suit your company’s needs. Simple to ornate script, the formed letter process, handles them all with clean, crisp detail. The formed plastic material is sturdy enough for exterior usage, but can also be found in many business lobbies and interiors.

Formed plastic signs don’t just stop at letter signs, they can include intricate symbols and designs as well. This is a very versatile product, as these signs from other Premier Signs of Tampa’s customers show:

Custom cut and colors for flag logo design on business office wall

So, whether your business sign needs to be large or small, or straightforward or a bit whimsical, look into the options available to you when you choose formed plastic as your next sign medium. Enlist the experts at Premier Signs of Tampa to expose you to the world of formed plastics. They can guide and advise you, while showing you many more examples of previous clients’ signs to help you navigate to the perfect sign for your business. Call today at 813-914-7006 or email your interest to