Professional office space abounds all across the Tampa Bay area, and Lutz, Florida is no exception. Many professional offices are part of a larger group of offices contained in one office park property.  Pro Therapy Plus just moved in to a multi tenant office park in Lutz and needed to let their clients know their location. Like most office parks, their exterior , including their sign, needed to stay consistent with the other offices and had to adhere to its HOA guidlines. With specifications in hand, they brought their exterior sign needs to Premier Signs of Tampa. Together they designed the new sign.

At this Lutz location every outdoor suite sign’s dimensions, style and color palette must be uniform, and most importantly the sign must be sandblasted. A sandblasted sign is a high quality 3 dimensional sign carved from dense sign foam material. It is a lightweight material with the look of a more weighty sign. The sandblasting process carves images, lettering, symbols and can even simulate woodgrain, stone and brick. The sign can be made with an perimeter frame or frameless. Sandblasting brings natural objects and animals to life with dimension and realistic detail, while maintaining its durability that allows these artistic, first class signs to be installed outdoors. When your business is in a location by itself or without HOA restrictions, the sky’s the limit when creating your sandblasted exterior business sign.

Pro Therapy Plus is lucky to be located in an office park that knows the value of using sandblasted signs for their uniform exterior look. It gives all the building entrances an upscale look, adding value to the property and a quality, professional appearance to your individual space. The top part of the sign includes address numbers that are raised off the background. The bottom half houses the Pro Therapy Plus name in dimensional letters. The entire sign is outlined with a carved out frame which gives it a finished look. The main body background has been painted a dark brown with the frame, letters, and the logo in a contrasting bright white. Placed on the building’s yellow siding and white trim exterior, this sandblasted sign adds sophistication while creating optimal visibility and legibility.

Even if your location comes with HOA restrictions, a sandblasted sign guarantees that your exterior building sign will be top quality and a professional, artistic one. Call Premier Signs of Tampa today to see examples of previous sandblasted signs and a rendering of your possible sign, taking in  consideration any HOA or city and county restrictions your property comes with. Dial 813-914-7006 or email to to get started on your sandblasted business sign.