Moving in to a new office space is both exciting and nerve racking. So many new decisions to make, so many possibilities. Once the basics are moved in, it’s time to claim it for your own. Geutebruck USA just moved to a new office in Tampa, Florida and needed to make a first impression statement to start making their mark in the Tampa Bay area. They decided on a entrance facing reception area wall. and made their plans. These reception area sign plans included getting in touch with Premier Signs of Tampa to have sign experts on their team to see their vision through.

They first painted the entire wall a bright yellow. This is a signature color that is used in their logo. It creates a sunny, creative atmosphere that is an eye drawing backdrop for their logo. At first glance the acrylic letter sign looks simple and streamlined. This makes the sign easy to read immediately, identifying the company and welcoming visitors in.

Upon closer inspection, you will find acrylic letters in multiple sizes, depths, and colors, used to make up the “simple” sign. Black acrylic is the main letter color, with grey and yellow acrylic used in the tag line and as accents. The top line, containing the company name, uses larger letters, while the tag line has smaller but bolded, or thicker, letters that magnify the 3D look. Another clever way to enhance dimension is to actually give it more, by installing each letter by means of pegs. These pegs are affixed to the wall, and then the letters are attached to them. This installation method pulls the letters off the wall, creating shadows and adding to the dimension of the entire reception area sign.

Even on this rather large interior wall, your sign can look at home by using acrylic letters. Acrylic letters come in many sizes, including ones that are large enough to span the entire surface, whether your company names has 30 letters or 2! From there you can vary depths and colors, as well as installation methods. Since acrylics are precision cut, all your logo symbols, no matter how intricate, can be duplicated. Every letter is laser cut producing smooth edges, concise lines and curves. All these characteristics inherent in using acrylic letters, not only give you numerous options for your office reception signs, but beautiful, artistic wall decor and logo branding.

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