Everyone loves a window! We love to have the light fill a room, or sit by one and watch the world go by, but smart business owners know that windows can be much more. Exterior windows, especially on the front of a business, are welcoming, and draw people because of their curiosity, to a close up peek to the inside. Making the most of this interest, you can turn your business windows into your own outdoor marketing billboard. Two such ways are by vinyl lettering and window perfs.


Vinyl letters are durable and come with many options. These options include many choices of text styles, colors and sizes. Images, shapes and designs are easily replicated for any logo. Anvil Axe Throwing of Ybor City, Florida makes its home in a large converted building that has expansive front windows, including huge transom windows above the front door. The natural light is important to the owners, but so is exterior marketing, so they chose to use large letters but kept them thin. This choice allowed their logo window and others to have proportionate size signage while blocking only minimum amounts of light. Address, phone numbers, and operating hours are among the important information displayed on the outside of the business. Potential customers and word of mouth advertising are valuable results from this outdoor advertising, done with minimal cost to the business owner. Don’t overlook this priceless and effective tool.


Do you love the light your large store front windows bring in, but need privacy? This next choice might but your answer. A vinyl window perf is a sign that can cover all or a part of your window that is made with a vivid color sign showing on the outside, while being “see through” from the inside. The tiny dots throughout the vinyl material allow this effect. A great example of this sign is now covering the front windows of the Beltone store in Tampa, Florida. Friendly, bigger than life size people, are featured along with their product. Because of these graphics, you already know what to expect before you enter, and once you are inside, you can still enjoy complete privacy from those passing by. These large graphics can include beautiful product pictures or action photos, in full color, drawing attention from a long distance without words. They immediately convey your goods or services, and by adding your name and logo, you complete your exterior business branding, in a big way.

Put some vinyl signage to work for your business by using your exterior doors and windows for display backdrops. Contact Premier Signs of Tampa to guide you through the many options available to you for your property. Call 813-914-7006 or email to info@premiersignsfl.com. to learn more from these sign experts.