Post, or pole, signs come in many sizes and shapes, in every color, and varying heights. They are part of business exteriors, and are usually placed on the perimeter of the business property close to the street. Many large businesses have big parking lots separating them from the street, so the pole sign is placed at a distance from the business building and raised high off the ground. Some times, however, the building and the street are in close proximity. This is the case with two of Premier Signs clients that needed new pole signs.

One business is Lutz Dental, of Lutz, Florida. They are repeat customers of Premier Signs of Tampa and were in need of a whole new aluminum frame and panel for their sign. The sign they needed is a second tier sign that displays an advertising incentive, a welcome, and their all important telephone number. The aluminum panel is double sided so traffic from both directions can clearly read the sign. The smaller telephone sign is also double sided. The dental office building is relatively close to the main road, with a parking lot in back, so the sign did not have to be large to be effective. A clever use of the color red accents a part of the sign, drawing attention but also separating each section. This and the high contrasting white and black of the rest of the sign allows a small sign to convey several messages legibly.

Another Premier Signs’ client, The Peach Bar, in South Tampa needed a new aluminum panel for an existing frame just outside their entrance. They are a small business that is housed in a remodeled home, so they too are close to the street. They are in the beauty business and their sign reflects that. Delicious looking peaches dominate the printed graphic adhered to the aluminum, with the all important phone number close behind in size. Their name is also appropriately sized to be easily legible and recognizable from the street. The tag line, including their business type and services, runs in smaller font below the name. Framed on two sides by posts, along with a top rail, it is  a beautiful addition to the business’s entrance and an aesthetic exterior marketing tool.

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