Retitling your business can refresh your look. Sometimes a business undergoes a name change for one reason or another. Whether it’s a buyout situation with new owners, or just a change of wording for better marketing, it can result in an opportunity for a whole new look. The CPA office of Nick Pullaro, in Lutz, Florida just experienced that.

Of course with a new name comes the need for new signage. The Pullaro’s office contacted the experienced team at Premier Signs of Tampa to help them with this transition. Their previous exterior wall sign was a sandblasted one and they wanted the replacement to be the same. The designers got to work and with the clients approval the sign was created and installed. The new sandblasted sign is more streamlined with fewer words. This allowed the business title and professional’s name to be larger and easier to read. It is now a sign that clearly identifies the company and the owner from a greater distance so all clients are assured they have reached their destination before getting to the door.

When your sign is high quality and highly recognizable, then your outdoor marketing can work for you. Making the beautifully carved sign less complicated gives it a sharp, comprehensive look that will register, not only return customers, but prospective ones. Investing in a high quality, high end look of a sandblasted sign tells your clients that you are invested in your business and plan to be there to serve them in the years to come. This is a reassuring feeling for clients and patients that are relying on these professionals year after year.

Sandblasted signs are made from high density foam. It is tough enough for exterior and interior applications. It is durable, and although it has a substantial appearance, it is relatively lightweight. It can be painted in a myriad of colors, to match logos and emblems, or whimsical features. It can also be painted to imitate wood or metal, without the weight.The carving is precise for lettering and yet can be intricate enough to imitate nature or images. The sandblasted parts come to life in 3D fashion, which also emphasizes letters and numbers, pulling them of the background. Sandblasted signs are truly a work of art, and might just be the perfect choice for your exterior or interior sign.

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