Old, peeling letters render an acrylic monument sign insert illegible and in need of a replacement at a business park in Riverview, Florida. An established restaurant and bar named “Joia” was part of the same multi tenant retail center for years, but unfortunately it was unlikely to be found by any potential customer that was new to the area. Their outdoor marketing took a big hit once their street side exterior sign insert deteriorated. Being listed on the main monument or pylon sign at the entrances to one of these retail centers is a powerful advertiser. Neglecting to keep it updated can work against you and your business. It is part of your first impression to customers. Make sure it always reflects your business in a quality way.

The Florida sun and extreme weather can effect any outdoor sign over time. Refreshing your sign is just a phone call away. Premier Signs of Tampa can transform your exterior sign to an updated, attention getting sign in no time. Their experts can give you advice whether this is your first sign or an updated one, to make sure it does the most for you. Showing you that not only do you need a sign that displays your business name clearly, but making sure the letters are the correct size and font to be clearly read from a distance. Checking to make sure all graphics actually add to the sign rather than detract from your marketing. They will help you include taglines when necessary to explain your services or goods. A good, experienced sign team will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Joia is a unique business. They are not just a pizza establishment but a martini bar as well! This information is a must on all their signs. The monument insert is no exception. This new acrylic insert says to all passersby that they plan to be in business for many more years, serving the community the same quality refreshment and food that has kept them in business all these years. Any visitors or new residents now know where they can be found and what they are all about. Reinvesting in their business makes good business sense. It will make good sense for your business too, increasing your outdoor signage and visibility.

Take a cue from Joia and get the guidance you need to get quality custom signage. Call Premier Signs at 813-914-7006 or email to info@premiersignsfl.com. with your sign needs.