Acrylic signs are the most popular of all indoor and outdoor sign mediums. They are strong, durable, weather resistant. They come in varied thicknesses, colors and scale. They can also be molded for dimensional versatility or layered, giving you unlimited design possibilities. so, when a new client came to Premier Signs of Tampa for an exterior building sign, they soon focused on an acrylic one. Fund and Grow, located in Springhill, Florida needed a large letter sign with an equally large logo for the front entrance of their building. Using a simple bolded text, the words and logo design are separated by the use of two different colors. The symbol is mostly in yellow, like the word “Fund”, with the leaf in green matching the leaf on the symbol along with the word “Grow”. The use of the two colors emphasizes the two ideas behind this business credit service in an effective but subtle way. The size of the letters make it easy to be seen and identified from a distance.

Other businesses use acrylics because they can be color matched to your company’s logo color. This really comes in handy when your color is significant to your branding. The simpler your logo, the more important your trademark color. This recent sign hung at Moffitt Cancer Hospital is a perfect example. Acrylic letters can be installed flat against an exterior building, or raised off the wall by means of pegs or raceways. pulling them away from the exterior wall also allows the acrylic signs to be LED back lit or outlining the image from the back giving it a halo effect. This really brings your acrylic sign to life, day or night. LED lighting is energy efficient and magnifies the dimensional qualities and visual impact.

Other uses for outdoor acrylic business wall signs are to direct, inform and even to warn. A recent installation on the outside of a covered entrance cautions tall vehicles using the drive as to the clearance height. Simple black vinyl letters and numbers serve as a courtesy warning, while still keeping the professional look of the exterior.

An acrylic sign may be the perfect sign choice for your next business signs, so call the experts at Premier Signs of Tampa to explore the many options. call 813-914-7006 or email to