Windows let light into your workplace, but they can also do so much more for your business. They can be your exterior billboard for marketing while conveying contact information and hours of operation, like the ones at Florida Eye Associates. This vinyl lettering identifies the business, their address, list of physicians, and much more, all while minimally obstructing light or the view from inside or out.

This same thing is true at another Premier Signs of Tampa’s customers who needed their front window vinyl updated. Miracle Ear in Temple Terrace, Florida was in need of an exterior refresh, so the old vinyl was removed and the new lettering and symbols installed. This highlights one of the great characteristics of working with vinyl, durable but easily removeable when needed. It comes off with little or no residue and can be replaced in a wide variety of colors and text styles. This also would allow you to remove and replace just sections of your exterior windows if something changes. Allowing you also to add seasonal or timely info, knowing that it doesn’t have to be permanent.

The University of South Florida in Tampa also came to Premier Signs of Tampa for vinyl to be applied to several campus buildings exterior windows. They, however, had something a little different in mind. Instead of vinyl lettering, they brought photos of their updated bulls mascot and nature scenes, that they wanted to cover the entire window spaces.  Premier Signs created vinyl window perfs with these various images and applied them to the exterior windows at each building. Now when you pass by one of these buildings it has a more welcoming feel, as it seems to reflect the campus landscape instead of the dark, empty void of the previous windows. The reward is two-fold. It not only improves the look from the exterior, but since perfs “disappear” from the inside, students, faculty and visitors can see out the windows clearly. Perfs also give some privacy to those inside as well as some shade from the hot Florida sun. Next time you are on USF campus, take a closer look at some of the buildings and enjoy the new views.

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