Any business that is on a large property needs adequate signage on its perimeter that can be easily seen from the street. That includes factories or industries that are part of an industrial park or on its own. This also includes any large scale retail store or church that has large parking lots separating the building from the street. Not just any sign will do and not just at any height. When needing a sign that must be higher than obstacles or one that needs to be raised high above ground to be seen, pylon and pole signs come to the rescue!

Pylon and pole signs are just that, signs suspended in the air by a metal pole or poles, or steel legs or base. They are used for single businesses or as a main tenant sign at entrances to multi tenant  retail and industrial parks. The sign face or faces are most often made of acrylic. Acrylic faces can be molded, painted, and LED lit from within. Most often they are layered with vinyl lettering and symbols or digital images. Because acrylic is a lightweight material, installations that are high off the ground are relatively easy. Acrylic is also a very sturdy material which makes it a good choice for outdoors.

Comp-Air Service Company just recently had Premier Signs of Tampa create and install their pylon sign. It has a molded acrylic base giving it a framed dimensional look.  Their Comp-Air logo, as well as their tagline and industry information, are in varying colors and text sizes. The sign is easy to read and identify, serving its purpose.

Obstructions, man made or caused by nature, can really play into the placement of your sign. It has to be seen to be effective, so there are times when a sign needs height to avoid being hidden by an obstacle, but there are also times when they must be raised so as not to be an obstruction. Many corner situations have restrictions so traffic can have unobstructed views, this is when a single pole sign at a raised height will work. If a multi tenant sign is needed, a tall two sided pylon, where the signs are framed by the legs is most commonly used. The frame is turned sideways to be seen by traffic in either direction and the signs are high enough to be seen at a distance before you turn into the entrance. Each individual sign is most often an acrylic cabinet sign displaying the store or company’s logo. These can be removed and replaced when tenants move in and out. As you can see, acrylic signs can be made in many sizes and display a wide variety of colors, text and graphics. Options that really come in handy for multiple business signs.

The most important thing is to get the right kind of sign that fits your location and to get an experienced sign team to guide you to the right materials to get the most for your money. Premier Signs of Tampa is ready to do that for your business, so call 813-914-7006 or email to now.