Sandblasting is an artistically carved technique that is made from a dense sign foam. The image or text comes alive in a dimensional form. Most often the entire outer perimeter of the sign is also carved into a dimensional frame. Whether the design is simple or intricate, the addition of the framing not only adds a finishing touch, but also creates another opportunity to add an additional color to the sign. Large signs like the one made for Cypress Meadows residential community really display the impressive beauty of the 3D work. The dense foam material is very durable and is the reason that such an artistic rendering is able to be used for exterior installations. The carving gives the impression of weightiness, while the foam material is actually lightweight. This characteristic gives flexibility to installation options, which comes in handy for most outdoor placements.

The Cypress Meadows sign is two toned, high contrast design that is easily read form the street and hangs center stage on an imposing stacked stone backdrop. Such a backdrop needed a formidable  sign, like this sandblasted one, to complete the professional, upscale entrance. The large expanse of this stone wall would have visually “swallowed” any less substantial sign. Knowing what will work best on any given background, especially outdoors, is very important, and is where the guidance of an experienced sign company is invaluable. Premier Signs of Tampa has been in the sign business for many years and has the experience necessary to give you the right advice, so you make informed sign decisions. This will save your company time and money.

Cypress Meadows is a repeat customer of Premier Signs of Tampa and knows their value. Their HOA has used them for other signs throughout their community. This partnership assures them that the proper color combinations and text styles are used for each new sign. Having a file on previous signs done for them allows for less steps in the preliminary stages of sign creation and guarantees that all the signs on the property are cohesive. The end result is a visually pleasing one that also helps residents and visitors to navigate the community.

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