Tampa Rejuvenation of St. Petersburg, Cypress Meadows residential community of Tampa and Oceanside Estate Apartments in Pinellas Park, Florida all have unique, and newly installed, business monuments that really display the versatility and beauty of sandblasted signs. These three Premier Signs of Tampa clients chose sandblasted signs for their exterior location signage to represent their businesses because they reflect high quality and class. These traits are inherent in the look of this higher end dimensional sign.

Each location’s sign has a unique look, not only because of its color and text choices, but how each one is installed. Tampa Rejuvenation’s multi curved sign is red and white with a double trim outlining the artistic shape. It has been installed in the front yard by means of two poles attached to the back of the sign and secured in the ground. Oceanside Estates Apartment’s blue and white sign is also set in the ground near the street by poles, but these are flanking each side of the sign and become part of the framework of the rectangle shaped sign. Both are aesthetically pleasing because of the carved letters and numbers, but this dimensional carving also enhances the legibility of these signs. This is an added benefit that is extremely important for providing the best outdoor marketing.

Tampa’s Cypress Meadows HOA also needed a sandblasted sign to replace their monument insert at the entrance of their residential community. They, too, love the professional and upscale look that a sandblasted sign represents.  Their white script letters and inner border outline look great against the contrasting dark base. This is a much larger sign than the other two because it is set back farther from the street and attached to the stone entrance wall. The use of a third color helps accentuate the double carved border and underlines the community’s name adding to the legibility.

Sandblasted signs are carved from a special foam and then painted. They are very durable for outside installations but make beautiful interior company, department and organization’s shields, plaques and logo signs. Up close you can really appreciate the craftmanship of this sign medium. So, when contemplating your next sign, inside or out, consider a sandblasted creation. Premier Signs of Tampa has worked with many clients over the years that have ordered sandblasted signs for multiple uses and varied venues. Contact them for guidance and selection by calling 813-914-7006 or emailing them at info@premiersignsfl.com.