Riverview Chiropractic needed a new sign to hang the expanse across their front entrance. They employed Premier Signs of Tampa for this task. Together they created a beautiful outdoor sign made of a poly metal base of white. It wraps securely to an existing beam that connects the tops of the two  steadfast columns outside their front door. The sign sits just below the roof and proudly bears their name and a multi colored logo image associated with their profession.

Poly metal signs like this one are perfect for this type of installation. The aluminum face of the blend is weather resistant and very durable for exterior placement. The lightweight core makes this polyblend sign lightweight without losing durability, which makes overhead installations easy. Another example of an exterior application of this medium can be found at the Plumbers and Pipefitters location. This patriotic color schemed sign, hanging from the building’s metal soffit, can be easily identified and read from a distance. It is another large rectangular sign with a white as the base color. The black letters are smaller, but because of the high contrast against the white, there is no question that it is the location of the Plumbers and Pipefitters.

These two locations took advantage of the fact that they already had the perfect place to hang their permanent signs. Using the polyblend material allows a large or long sign to be installed easily at these and other exterior locations, giving business owners the opportunity to display signs easily and economically. These characteristics also make the use of polymetal signs popular for temporary situations or removeable signs. Many property and real estate brokers use them when selling or renting properties. The site signs can easily be erected on poles or building exteriors and then just as easily taken down and used at another location.

Looking for just the right exterior sign for your business property? Whether it’s a permanent or temporary sign on your list, call Premier Signs of Tampa for their professional advice at 813-914-7006 or email them at info@premiersignsfl.com.