Channel letter signs can be seen all over town because they are well suited for outdoor use and because they give you so many options. They are usually made with a metal base and an acrylic face. Each letter can be direct mounted to an exterior wall or soffit or attached to a raceway that is fastened to the wall. Either installation method allows the sign to be LED lit from the interior of the letters as well as halo lit for a different effect. The letter size options are vast, allowing signs to incorporate multiple sizes, differentiating main title from taglines, for instance. Larger words can be chosen for specific emphasis and marketing purposes. Numerous color and text style choices, for the letter’s or graphic’s faces, can easily replicate logos and add eye catching colors and designs to any sign.

Channel letters are inherently 3D, so they stand off surfaces which, in turn, is much more noticeable than their flat letter counterparts. The dimensional aspect of this sign medium helps the signs to be seen from a greater distance, especially when LED lit. This is especially important when you are in a multi tenant retail center, where everyone is vying for attention. In order for your business to have the most effective exterior marketing, you need your sign to be seen. Shopping Center signage is our favorite.

Letters on raceways

Direct mount letters

Jersey Mike’s, a restaurant chain throughout the country, knows the value of channel letter signs. They use them for all their location’s exteriors.  Three new restaurant locations still in the “coming soon” phase already have their channel letter signs in place. The newest Florida locations are in Lutz, New Port Richey, and Plant City. Each exterior building is painted a different color, so the logo color varies from either red or white. The installation method does too, but the very familiar Jersey Mike’s script is highly recognizable at each location. This ensures that every passerby is already anticipating their opening.

When you are in the market for exterior signage for your business, come to Premier Signs of Tampa and find out about how a channel letter sign can add to your outdoor marketing. Take a tip from a very successful Jersey Mike’s franchise and get your exterior signage up while your interior is still in the construction phase. Call Premier Signs of Tampa at 813- 914-7006, or email inquiries to