Signs are wonderful ways to communicate. They proudly display your company name and logo in your lobby and on your exterior business wall, but they can serve many other important purposes. Yes, we have all been in search of an exit or restroom sign and value their importance. Directional signs like these and others get us where were going, and even tell where we are not allowed. Other uses help inspire, motivate and more practically, run our business more efficiently. These are the signs this article will explore.

There are interior sign medium materials used most often for these signs. They are acrylic and a poly/metal blend material. Both are well suited for any interior installation because of their durability, as well as the relative lightness of their weights, no matter their size. You will commonly find acrylic letters on many lobby walls bearing names and logos, but matching acrylic letters have recently been installed at two Premier Signs client’s adjacent lobby walls, to feature the company mottos. Tampa’s Guldmann office has matching black acrylic letters that say ” Time to care” and Wesley Chapel, Florida’s Marketplace Software’s motto says “Together We Thrive”. These letter signs are in their lobbies for all to see. They don’t just fill an otherwise empty wall, they communicate their company’s pride and work ethic. A Wesley Chapel company, enlisted their help for an inspirational sign meant to be seen by their employees. This sign is made from the poly/ metal blend material and was covered by a digital print. This large printed board has a collage of motivational and unifying words and hangs across a large wall in the employee breakroom. Another company, Refresco of Tampa, also needed a large board, but for a more practical purpose in their factory. Once again the poly blend material was used but this time layered with a printed dry erase cover. This sign helps organize the daily working schedules, etc. necessary for optimum performance. It, too, is where it can be seen by the employees, but placed for practical inspiration and results.

Use these examples to inspire you and your company to create additional signs for your lobby and workplace. Contact Premier Signs of Tampa to walk you through the many ways added signs can help your business. Call 813-914-7006 or email to today.