Sandblasted signs give a unique look to any sign. Dimensional signs, like these, literally stand out from the crowd and express a sophistication and quality. Many medical and professional office complexes insist that all exterior signage, for all tenants, include the sandblasting technique. This was definitely true for the Palm Villa Center where a new sign was needed. Like many multi tenant centers, there is one main monument or pylon sign that each tenant is allowed to display their name. This one was a stone monument where the new sign was installed. All 5 tenants have the same size and shaped sign to be carved, but are allowed a choice of text style and color. They also were given the option of brown tones for the base. The Gastroenterology office came to Premier Signs of Tampa with their wants and their guidelines. Together the new sign was created with a dark brown background and gold carved lettering and sign border. This insert is a wonderful addition to the exterior monument sign. This new sign is distinctive, yet continues the cohesive look the landlord wanted.

Another Premier Signs client chose a sandblasted sign for their individual exterior wall entrance sign. Julestarz, Performing Arts Academy, also chose to put dimension into their sign with carving, although their resulting sign is very different from the medical office one. This time the sign foam was carved not only with their title, but an artistic dancer leaping just above it, and a gold star outline behind it all. The border of this sign is also carved and the top design really adds to the aesthetic. A more complicated sign, with more content and graphics, but is so well done that everything remains fully legible while the overall design is eye-catching. That is the mark of a quality sign.

Sandblasting creates interest from every angle. The sign foam is durable and, as demonstrated, can accommodate many styles, sizes and can be painted in your choice of colors. While it is durable enough for outdoor installations, it is also lightweight enough for virtually any interior or exterior application. Hanging them high on your business wall, in your lobby or one of the many exterior placements, weight is not going to be an issue. Interior signs sometimes allow the artistic value of your business sign to be truly appreciated up close, but where you are in need of your next business sign, consider making it a sandblasted one.

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