All exterior business signs are important, but the most important one just might be the one on the perimeter of your location. This sign location can be the difference between good outdoor marketing and none. So, make sure the business sign you have there is the right one. Multi tenant buildings, office parks and retail centers all use a main monument or pylon sign that contains a sign insert representing each tenant. Depending on the landlord, the designs vary. Many times, the larger the leased space, the larger portion of the main sign for your insert. Sometimes all inserts are uniform in size and color, so your emphasis should be a recognizable logo or script. Premier Signs of Tampa has been in business for years and has dealt with many different scenarios, and can be a great asset to get the most out of your exterior pylon insert sign.

The two latest clients in need of this outdoor advertising vehicle, are Florida Eye Specialists in South Tampa and PT Solutions of Dunedin. Both places are new branches of businesses that have locations throughout the Tampa Bay area. This gives them the advantage of having a recognizable logo and color scheme, so using that advantage, they had acrylic inserts in blue and white made, bearing their name and logos. The sizes of the signs and the amount of tenants for each location varies greatly.

Florida Eye is the main tenant at the south Tampa location, so their logo sign is large and on the top. They also have a second insert as well, that lists the names of all the eye professionals in residence. Since this is brand new, they have left the bottom third portion blank for their future tenant. The pylon is flanked with metal poles and has rounded top corners, a very sleek design, so the use of a no frills text style compliments the design and makes the sign very easy to read. Each insert is acrylic with vinyl lettering that is durable for this exterior application. Both the acrylic and vinyl comes in many standard colors and custom color matching, making any company’s unique color scheme possible.

PT Solutions is another customer of Premier Signs and has many locations with varied sign needs. Their Dunedin property is once again in a multi retail center, so their pylon insert is on a much smaller scale, but they know how important it is. All the acrylic inserts on this exterior pylon sign are the exact same size, but they can use any colors they choose. This is when a recognizable logo and color scheme really help identify your sign and therefore, your location. It can be the difference between customer relief, and customer aggravation, when they either spot your sign from the street or they don’t.

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