Two existing clients came back to Premier Signs with similar additional signage needs. This time for their vehicles. 9Round, a kickbox fitness business and Rapid Refill, an ink and toner company, had employed Premier Signs for their exterior business signage before they opened their locations and with business well underway, they wanted to expand their marketing reach. What better way than to use their company vehicles that, with the right signage, can be like moving billboards. Traffic on the streets and highways around Tampa Bay can yield prospective clients and brand awareness with every stoplight or construction delay!
Since these two businesses, were already clients, their logo and color specifications were already on file. This cuts the usual prep time and the process from wish list to decked out auto. Some wish lists include signs that can be temporary or switched from one vehicle to another, others are more permanent. For those companies who are looking for less permanent solutions, either vinyl window lettering or side door/truck gate magnets could be the answer. Magnets can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes and adhered to the metal vehicle surface when needed. They are durable and the magnets are strong. Logos and letters of all colors and design can be printed on the front of the magnet for advertising of your choice. Magnets are perfect for delivery vehicles that are temporary or employee owned. Magnets can also advertise yearly events or community activities on city fleets and be stored away easily for next year.
Window vinyl is a semi permanent solution that is durable but, all or part, can be removed when needed. Vinyl is a very versatile medium that can be custom cut for intricate designs as well as multiple text styles. It comes in a wide choices of colors and can be used for large or small windows. Back auto or truck windows are the most popular, but side windows can also be covered. For clear viewing on any window, you might want to consider window perfs that show full window images outside while maintaining a clear view for all passengers. Many larger vehicles, like work vans and buses utilize perfs regularly.
If You really want your vehicle to utilize its full marketing potential, put vinyl graphics on the body of the vehicle too. The hood, the trunk, the truck bed, the roof, nothing is off limits. If attention is what you want, go big and bold, if you prefer a more subtle approach use colors that are not high contrast to the body color. 9Round’s vehicle is a great example. It creates interest in a sophisticated way, using their circular logo in red on the hood and a red and white logo on the doors.
Use your assets to do more than one job. Take a company vehicle and make it a billboard. Call Premier Signs of Tampa today at 813-914-7006 or email to and get your marketing moving!