Lemon Tree Family Salon of Spring Hill, Florida is a breath of fresh air. It is family friendly and inviting even before the employees open the door. Thanks in part to the clever custom cut signs shaped like lemon slices and citrus leaves strategically hanging throughout the interior. They are made by layering vinyl in various bright green hues over pvc shapes. This lightweight and less expensive alternative to its acrylic counterpart, was the suggestion of Premier Signs of Tampa’s experienced designers. Collaborating with knowledgeable sign professionals gives way to out of the norm options that are in the best interest of the clients. An alternative like this one, allowed the shapes to be virtually hung anywhere, even around mirrors, since they are lightweight but sturdy. The less expensive price allowed the client to have as many shapes as they hoped for, while still being mindful of their budget.

Being cost conscience lets you spend money on the more important logo signs. Don’t skimp when your name is on it. A quality logo sign says you have quality products and services, to your customer. Lemon Tree did just that. Their beautiful logo sign is made from a clear acrylic base with vinyl custom cut citrus shapes in bright green and yellow hues affixed on top. These sit next to thick green acrylic block letters spelling their name. The 3 dimensional look is enhanced by the silver peg installation technique that lifts the entire rectangular sign away from the wall. More pvc and vinyl leaves spring out from just under a top corner of the lifted sign. It’s stunning!

The family salon is indeed off to a good start with an aesthetically pleasing interior that will welcome all clients (and prospective customers who just can’t resist peaking in the windows before the actual opening). Previously, their sign partners, Premier Signs of Tampa, created and installed the exterior entrance sign so that Lemon Tree can reap the benefits of some exterior pre opening marketing. This action is essential to get the word out, as soon as possible, as to your location and services. A “buzz” starts and interest peaks, already creating a potential client base. Those that have heard the “buzz” can then easily locate you and anticipate your opening. The use of banners can also be a big help keeping passersby and anxious customers up to date about your progress, any opening events or sales that you want to entice them with. Always include multiple contact method’s information and description of services along with hours of operation. These should also be more permanently displayed on entrance doors or front windows.

An experienced sign partner like Premier Signs can be a valuable resource for all types of sign marketing, making sure that you utilize all avenues to get the best results. Call today at 813-914-7006 or email inquiries to info@premiersignsfl.com.