How does an empty or abandoned lot turn into someone’s dream? It starts with the right sign. Many people will drive past a space and either pay it no attention at all or look at it as an eyesore, but with the help of well placed, bright, eye catching signage, the first seeds of what it might become, have been laid. Curiosity leads to excitement and word of mouth advertising. Making your outdoor sign large enough, and placed on the property so that it gets maximum viewing are the basic steps. Making your sign double sided, or a “V” sign, enhances your chances of getting it in front of more prospective clients. Raise your signs above potential sight obstructions with pole installations.

Give all pertinent information, size of space, zoning info, and especially contact information. Use high contrasting colors to attract attention, but also to ensure clear, concise text for premium legibility. High resolution is a must, but if your sign materials are below par, the resolution diminishes and so do your prospects. Good quality, durable materials are especially important in the extreme heat and tropical weather in Florida. Team up with experienced sign experts, like those at Premier Signs of Tampa, for the best signs for your Florida outdoor property. They can recommend the most popular outdoor sign materials, like sturdy, lightweight poly metal blends with vinyl lettering, or digital print laminate on metal.

Inspire passersby with the potential your blank space property has. Spell it out. Use words like commercial, retail, restaurant, or medical and professional office site, to give them ideas of what the possibilities are. Give ideas and add a stripe, star or something to draw attention while still remaining uncomplicated. Be simple and straightforward, but get it in front of as many people possible.

Once your property is sold, shout your success to the world by placing a removable vinyl stripe across the sign, stating that the property is sold. Other potential clients will still be able to get your information and note that your properties are sought after. Contact Premier Signs of Tampa and form a successful partnership with experts in the sign field, and turn up the spotlight on your property today.                    Call 813-914-7006 or send your property’s info to and get it sold or occupied today.