The look of granite or any natural stone is always impressive. So, when you can get that look in a less expensive way, it’s an easy decision. That’s why when a company comes to the sign experts at Premier Signs of Tampa wanting their signage etched in stone, but are concerned for their bottom line, they can recommend an outstanding alternative. Having years of experience with many sign medium materials, they know what options to give to fit both the look they hope to achieve, and the price range they are needing. One of those alternatives is a man made acrylic material that imitates stone just like countertop materials do.

This medium comes in a full array of natural earthtones and the details that make each one very  realistic. Varying in color from cobalt blue and ruby red to white, your sign choices abound. Add the detail and this material can imitate natural materials, from limestone and crushed lava, to pearl and even antique glass. The look is artistic, rich and sophisticated. One of the characteristics it does not share with its natural counterparts is the weight. This makes office sign installations much easier and allows a wider scope of placement possibilities, especially indoors. Even a large reception area or lobby sign’s weight is very manageable.

A recent client’s office sign needed to use this man made acrylic sign material. They are in a professional office building and needed an interior lobby sign plaque at their suite entrance that matched the rest of the tenant’s signs. The compliant color was Good Earth Red. They also needed their logo and information etched into the plaque and then painted silver. The result is striking. The silver paint accents the deep red background, and the contrast allows even the smallest letters and numbers to be read easily.

Additional interior uses are on display at St. Leo University, just north of Tampa. Their architect suggested this material for interior wall plaques when designing their new building. The plaques would not only identify certain community and student areas, but the benefactors whose contributions made them possible. They needed them to be in a green “stone” to go with their school colors. Partnering with Premier Signs, the finished look is jade-like and very sophisticated. They are a perfect addition to the large facility, as well as a respectful acknowledgement.

While this etched acrylic sign looks beautiful as in indoor plaque, the material is extremely durable and can easily be used in exterior sign applications. This acrylic sign medium would be a great choice for use outside, on your exterior wall next to or above your business entrance, or as an inset for a larger monument or pylon sign.

Looking for that upscale look of stone for your next lobby or interior office sign? Contact Premier Signs of Tampa for advice and options to get just the right look for your business. Call 813-914-7006 or send questions to