The new Lemontree  Family Salon exterior business sign is an artistic way to announce their new location. The sign’s design includes bright green channel letters in a thick bold type text style with a lemon image strategically replacing the “O”. The tagline words, Family Salon, are in a smaller scale, non bolded text in a light gray tone. Together they form a beautiful representation of the new business.

Channel Letters, like theses, are made of durable acrylic fronts that are perfect for outdoor sign use. Acrylic channel letters come with many options in size, color selection, text styles, finishes and the ability to recreate images or symbols, like the lemon slice. They are a dimensional letter that stands off the wall surface creating its own shadow enhancing the appearance. They can also be equipped with LED lights to shine through darkness and inclement weather. A special LED lighting effect can also be employed by lighting the perimeter of a letter or symbol giving them a halo lit look.

Most restaurant or multi tenant business or shopping center exterior channel letter signs are mounted by means of a raceway. This is a metal bar that is the length of the sign that is affixed to the outdoor wall. The channel letters are then installed on the raceway. Raceway allow lighting cords to be invisible, especially when the raceway is painted to match the exterior business wall and it too, seems to disappear.

The Lemontree building sign however, could not use this method. They are lucky enough to be on one end of complex with a beautifully curved roof protruding from the building. It draws attention to their sign in a commanding way, but the letters had to be installed individually across the curved surface. Each business is not only unique but each location has its unique challenges. That’s when partnering with Premier Signs of Tampa really comes in handy. Their many years of experience allows them to look at each individual space and still provide many viable options from which to choose from. Experience breeds knowledge and creativity. They can refer to their vast client portfolio and use what they learned on each previous project to find better solutions for yours.

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