Many times exterior business signs need updating, but it doesn’t always mean that your business must start from scratch. Experienced sign companies like Premier Signs of Tampa can redesign, repurpose and/or replace only a portion of your exterior business signs, because they have many years of custom creating and out of the box thinking. Their experience is priceless when it comes to coming up with solutions for many unique business sign situations.
A chiropractor in Brandon, Florida is a perfect example of repurposing a sign. They moved to a new location and wanted to take their channel letter sign with them. They contacted Premier Signs of Tampa and together they made it happen.
Another client was in need of replacing the residential subdivision’s monument sign and came to Premier Signs with their needs, including their wish to redesign the logo for the replacement sign. However, a new design was not in the cards, so the monument sign was taken down and a newly routed one was recreated for them. The sign was made out of sign foam, routed to give a dimensional look to the large tree image as well as the Frances Arbor name. The name and the double routed border were painted in gold and the background is a dark bronze. It was attached to the metal sign base so that it could be installed exactly where the previous one was, on the brick monument wall.

Sometimes a new sign solution is as easy as removing the old peeling vinyl, cleaning the surface and placing a new vinyl overlay in its place. Two recent exterior business sign solutions did just that. We Got Soccer, a new business in Tampa, was moving into a building that was previously occupied. The entire store front is made up of windows and was entirely covered with multiple vinyl signs. Of course, wanting to remove those and utilizing the windows, was first on their list. Premier Signs designed and created a bigger than life soccer ball image out of white vinyl and installed it floor to ceiling on the newly cleared windows. The ball was precision cut to be a true skeleton image, it allows light and visibility through the front windows, while still commanding attention from passersby.
The second was one of the many Hillsborough schools that are among Premier Signs clients. Freedom high school did a lot of updating with new signs inside and out. One project was replacing damaged exterior soffit signs that are used to identify the function of each building. These signs had been affixed to metal soffits that stretched across the entrances. Once again the old ones were removed and the surface cleaned and prepared for the new signs. Digitally printed vinyl signs were then installed and instantly brought life back to each entrance. Now students and visitors have no problem recognizing the cafeteria entrance from the gymnasium.
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