CSG USA is a revenue management communications company that is continuing to expand across the country. The new office in the Tampa Bay area realized, they too, needed to communicate to their clients and other visitors, that they had arrived at their offices. The best way to do that? Contact sign professionals like Premier Signs of Tampa and get their custom logo on their lobby wall!  Their collaboration resulted in a lobby sign made from custom color and precision cut, acrylic logo letters, and a “circle” joined together. The final step was layering USA atop the circle in vinyl letters. This distinction is important because they are an international company as well.

The new CSG lobby sign is a great example of the fact that acrylic is the perfect interior sign material, for this application and many others. The fact that it is precision cut means that intricate designs, as well as letters, are beautifully and professionally finished. This is even more important when your sign is indoors, and not only serves as your company’s welcome sign, but it is part of your branding. On a lobby or reception wall, it is made to be seen. Precision cut acrylics can stand up to up close and personal inspection.

Acrylics come in an array of standard colors. They can also be color matched, so getting your custom colors for your business is easy. Options in sizes and text styles also abound, so you can not only replicate your logo and tag lines, but fill any size wall space. Multi color designs and varying sized letters really create visual excitement and attention to your brand.  Acrylics are lightweight enough to be hung high on your wall or even from your ceiling. Layering the acrylics, and even adding vinyl, really allows you to create 3D signs while still remaining relatively lightweight for easy installations.

Background or acrylic bases can vary from colored to clear to frosted, all adding to your custom sign choices. Clear bases seem to float in mid air when suspended. They provide a way to display your name without obstructing views or crowding head space. When fastened to your interior business wall, it immediately blends with your décor, taking on the wall color thru the clear surface. Colored bases can add another layer of contrast or even drama, while frosted acrylic provides a background that can give a sophisticated touch to a very simple design. So many options and durable too!

Consider acrylics for your next business sign for your lobby or reception area. Call Premier Signs of Tampa for educated sign information, options and professional partnership at 813-914-7006 or       email to info@premiersignsfl.com.