Lifeline just opened, and now everyone knows they are there. Lifeline repairs smartphones and more and a combination building sign includes large channel letters. Underneath, a smaller version of the white channel letters, reveals its tag line. Tag lines are very important for clarity of sevices and store type when a name, no matter how catchy, may have more than one meaning. It is essential, for marketing purposes, that tagline signs be included. Lifeline also included a can sign depicting their logo that indicates a heartbeat or EKG line. This can sign, made of an acrylic green face with the white vinyl “line”, anchors the name and tagline signs on the left. Adding color to all or part of your business sign draws your prospective customer’s eye to your front exterior. This is especially important if you are part of a business or retail center amongst many other businesses.

Set yourself a part. Get the most from your exterior building signage. Combination signs are an easy way to do just that. By having separate sign parts, you can maximize the most important things like your business name and logos, but still be able to include taglines, arrows, addresses, and/or other contact information. Then, like Lifeline, make sure that you include LED lighting for all parts of your sign. This ensures that your sign will be seen all hours of the day and night, no matter the weather. This is a valuable addition to all exterior business signs.

Lifeline’s logo is a square sign, but outdoor acrylic signs can be any shape and size. That’s one of the great characteristics of acrylic, along with being a very durable sign material. That is why it is a very popular outdoor sign medium, used on exterior walls, parts of monuments, pylon and pole signs. Because of its vast array of colors and precision cut shapes, it is also very popular for indoor installations. Even eyelevel and up close, acrylic signs pass the test with flying colors.

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