Professional office buildings usually house multiple clients, each having their individual entrances off the interior lobby. Hopefully the lobby also has a directory sign to help guide you to the office you seek. If the building has multiple floors, identifying the floor you need is just the beginning. Whether you have only a main floor lobby in which to start your quest, or the interior lobby you step into from the elevator or stairway, you will next be in search of the right door leading to your destination. Armed with only a suite number, the clients anxiety is still high, if all that identifies your office is the corresponding number. Relieve the stress and create a welcoming, professional first impression, right at your front door by adding creative signage.

One such beautiful, creative door sign option is an etched vinyl logo displayed prominently on your lobby entrance doors. If you have glass entry doors, the installation is easy and you are only limited by the size of the glass. One  Insurance Company, took advantage of their wood framed double doors and added their name and “Z” logo on both doors. The etched look of the vinyl gives an immediate upscale look to the doors. It also reinforces their name and brand, while providing a professional look without obstructing the view to their interior office.

Another client of Premier Signs wanted their door personalized but had a dilemma. Hanenian Law Office’s lobby entrance doors were already completely frosted. The designers at Premier Signs came up with a solution. They would cut out a portion of each doors etched vinyl, and insert the custom cut designed vinyl logo they wanted. The result is stunning. Both of these offices have a circular etched logo and added their name underneath, but each one is a unique design and immediately identifying. It is amazing the transformation that takes place when these creative, yet simple sign solutions are installed.

Vinyl is cost effective, durable, comes in many colors and finishes, (like etched), and can be easily removed when necessary. All these characteristics make vinyl a sign medium treasure. There are many other clever indoor lobby and office applications for vinyl, including using it for privacy when installed on partition windows or meeting room doors. Look around your office, reception area and lobby entrances and find your own innovative way to use this sign medium gem.

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