Indoor lobby walls are full of potential. They are first impression material and that makes them extremely important to your business. Blank reception area and lobby walls make customers wonder about your commitment to your business and, ultimately them. Show your commitment by creating and installing quality custom indoor wall signage. Let them know you are here to stay, and your products and services will be available to them for years to come. Partner up with Premier Signs of Tampa, a sign company that has been providing the Tampa Bay area and beyond with unique indoor business signs for many years.

A new Premier Signs of Tampa client filled up blank office wall space just recently with acrylic letters. Guldmann, a medical equipment company, chose to fill the space behind their reception desk, with simple, professional acrylic letters displaying the company name. This sign adds a no frills decoration, but does more than just fill space. By placing their name on this wall, they are sending a welcoming greeting and an identifier for their clients, while also repeating and reinforcing their brand. Simple, effective marketing in a customer friendly way.

They also included their slogan, “Time to care” on another interior office wall in matching black acrylic letters. They added custom painted bright pink bars on either side of the slogan to bring attention and emphasis to these important words. They serve, as both a reminder to their employees and an explanation to their customers, as to their company’s focus. Another sign made of simple text, creating an impact.

Acrylic letters come in over 30 standard colors, and can also be PMS color matched, ensuring your business’ logo and color scheme will be available. These acrylic letters also come in varied sizes and thicknesses. They are durable and lightweight, which makes wall installations easy. The acrylic material can be precision cut, so even intricate logo designs can be reproduced. So, simple one color text, or bright, multi colored, layered designs are just waiting to fill your interior lobby and office walls. Take a look around your business’ interior, and then place a call to Premier Signs of Tampa, and take steps to add some personality to your walls.

Remember your walls say a lot about your business to your clients, future customers and your employees.. Make sure they are saying what you want. Call Premier Signs of Tampa at 813-914-7006, or email to