Pylon and pole signs are an important part of many Tampa Bay area business’ exterior marketing plan. Many individual business properties and lot orientations make them an absolute must! So, knowing how important this signage can be for your business, let’s explore some of the pole and pylon options and their merits.

There are shared, individual and combination signs to consider. If your business is part of a larger business, or industrial center, your choices may be more limited, in order to be part of a main “directory” sign, at the entrance or street side of the entire property. In such cases, the sign material, size, shape and often, even the background and color are already designated, leaving you just text choices. Many times, however, you are only limited by your company’s allotted sign space. This may include the sign material, size and shape. If your company is an anchor business, your sign allotment may be a bigger portion and you may also have a few more choices for your sign. You are then free to include your logo and script in the colors that are your trademark.

Poles and pylons have a distinct advantage because they are inherently a raised sign, and the height can be adjusted to best suit your business property. Usually positioned at the corner of your property, or close to the entrance and the street, once again height and sign face direction can be adjusted. Most often pole and pylon signs are double sided so they get twice the exposure. Poles and pylons may be metal, concrete and even brick. They may have a single “leg” or use two, to support the sign. Pylons also may vary in thickness and include a framing appearance encompassing the body of the sign.

The most popular medium for the actual face of each sign is a cabinet or can sign. Molded plastic or acrylic bases are then transformed by color, vinyl overlays, additions of vinyl or acrylic precision cut letters and symbols, interior LED lighting or spots. When it is your company’s individual sign, the options abound. Custom colors, graphics and layered logos come to life and bring in potential customers from multiple directions and distances. LED lighting keeps your sign visible no matter the weather or darkness of night. Much like a lighthouse on a hill guides ships thru inclement weather and darkness. Regardless of whether you chose a pole or pylon method, you can also have more than one sign on them. These secondary signs serve many varied purposes from directional arrows to your company’s services or goods descriptions.

When considering outdoor business signs and marketing for your business, don’t stop with your exterior building signs, remember to include perimeter signs like these pole or pylon examples and increase your outdoor marketing reach. Contact Premier Signs of Tampa and take advantage of their experience with all forms of exterior business signs, by calling 813-914-7006 or email to