Concordia Village in Tampa, Florida has a lot to offer. They offer a library, dining room and a crafts area, just to name a few. They also have many residents and visitors, so indoor signage is really important. While their friendly staff is eager to assist, they also have their own very important duties to perform. The right amount of direction and informative indoor signs placed properly, means that they will have more time to do them. Concordia is a facility that is undergoing a rebranding, so they are updating their signs and enlisted Premier Signs of Tampa to help with the task.

Concordia chose an acrylic sign base that is painted a brushed silver on the back and black plastic raised lettering adheres on the front. Arrows, numbers and underlining reinforce direction and identify sections of the village. All the interior signs will match, giving the interior a professional, cohesive look. The brushed silver choice is a shiny upgrade that gives each space a bit of elegance, while the contrasting black raised letters make sure it is easy to read. This is all especially important when even the smallest sign denotes a resident’s room number or important function of a certain room.

Acrylic signs are very durable, lightweight and can be precision cut. This means they will be long lasting, easily installed, and the shape can be cut to match no matter the size. Painting the acrylic from behind helps resist scratching, and adding raised letters to the front gives dimension to the signs. There are many other client’s of Premier Signs of Tampa, that have found that acrylic signs were the perfect choice for their business needs as well. Clear to frosted, large or small, it seems acrylic signs are very popular in the workplace. The medium is so versatile used as a base, or as part of a combination, or even layered on top of each other.  The options are only limited by your creativity, so when you get stuck, let the experts at Premier Signs of Tampa help.

Remember too that acrylics work well as an outdoor sign medium as well. Call Premier Signs of Tampa at 813-914-7006 today or email them at for suggestions and guidance to get started on your way to new acrylic signs for your company’s interior lobby and work spaces, as well as any exterior signage needs.