Jewelry as an artform is the focus of the new traveling exhibit that makes its temporary home at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida. They needed to get the word out. Both the indoor and outdoor spaces needing to announce the exhibit are vast. The indoor lobby has high walls, so once again, fabric banners with printed images and text hang from the ceilings, while large outdoor vinyl printed banners span the walls of the front and side.

In the interior, the use of weighted fabric banners gives the lobby area a beautiful artistic flow. The depictions of prime exhibit pieces and their descriptions fill the “sky” in a larger than life display that gently sways, but hangs straight for best viewing. The black backgrounds set off the “pearl” and metallic finishes of the jewelry. This metallic color scheme also represents the quality and priceless value of these jewelry pieces, not only for their gold and gems but for their artistic craftsmanship. When the representation of such pieces is this important, quality signs are extremely important.

The MFA in St Petersburg is a repeat customer of Premier Signs of Tampa and entrusts this very important task to them each time there is a new exhibit. Having such a valued relationship with each other is important in so many ways. Measurements, material preferences, city codes, budgets, and contact information from previous installations make it easier for both sides when filling a new signage request. The process can be streamlined and new concerns or sign ideas can be addressed sooner.

Banners, in general, are a cost effective solution for many situations. Easily mobile or changed out, they can be transported with you for a sporting event or trade show. They can also be installed as part of a more permanent situation on an exterior wall, railing or fence. Banners can be full color depictions of team mascots, bold words of encouragement, signs of a grand opening, community events or a even a property for sale. Vinyl banners are made to weather the outside elements but are also easily replaced when a new event or graphic is needed. The MFA uses them on their exterior walls for each of their new exhibits. They are large and welcoming from the street. Outdoor banners can also be installed between two poles for an inground sign. Pole installations also give you height options from ground level on up. The ability to display your sign at differing heights is especially important when dealing with the many city sign codes that vary throughout the state.

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