Digitally printed acrylic

Acrylic indoor lobby signs seem to evolve with the times. Already a very versatile medium, with the new digital printing process, the options seem to be limitless. Replicating your logo, colors and script are easy. Vivid full color printing can bring a mountain scape to life, like Far Ridgeline Engagements, Inc.’s logo. The digital print is on a frosted acrylic base.

Another very clean look can be created by using vinyl letters and images that are adhered to either the front, or in reverse, from the back. Each look is different, depending on your preference. Vinyl allows you a full range of colors, text styles and sizes as well. Any of theses acrylic base signs can be installed directly to an interior lobby or reception wall, hung from a ceiling or by pegs. Ridgeline’s interior lobby sign used silver pegs for its wall installation. This method raises the sign off the wall, giving it some dimension.

If you’re looking for a true 3D sign, create one with acrylic letters applied to the sign’s face. Large or small, fancy or block, your letters and logos can really stand out. Applying layered acrylics is another method. Single or layered acrylics can truly create an artistic look. Florida Eye Specialists choose a white acrylic back that really shows off their blue logo and black lettering. They also chose two different thicknesses for parts of their name. The thicker letters imitate a bold letter face for the first portion, attracting your eye there, but also giving an added visual interest to the entire sign.  They created varying dimensional aspects in a simple and effective way.

Acrylic material can also be precision cut, so your sign is not limited to a square or rectangle base shape. Kemperle Auto Paint, Body and Equipment’s indoor lobby sign shows off the true versatility of acrylic. The shape is unique, layered, multi colored and a “cut out”. The high gloss of both the black and blue sign parts imitate a newly painted auto’s finish. A perfect compliment to their business.

Acrylics can also come in metallic finishes, like brushed silver and bronze. These give acrylic letters some “weight” since your eye sees a finish associated with metals. Metallic finishes can lend a bit of glitz and glamour or a more reserved professional look to any given sign. These are just some examples of the many options and looks that can be created when using acrylic materials for your indoor lobby signs. No wonder why so many pet hospitals, business, law, and dental offices throughout the Tampa Bay area have acrylic signs in their lobby and reception areas. Many of these are clients of Premier Signs of Tampa, and that is why they have the experience your business needs.

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