An alternative solution for placement of interior and exterior signs is hanging them. Especially for small to medium directional or identification signs, hanging allows more freedom of placement. Small businesses or large condo complexes are sometimes limited to size and height restrictions by city and county zoning regulations. A small logo sign hung with brackets from a pole, not only solves limited ground space but can be height adjusted to meet specifications, all while providing artistic and effective identification. Two recent clients of Premier Signs of Tampa had just such a need.

Both Palma Ceia Oaks II Condos and Tampa Rejuvination choose an iron pole to be placed appropriately on their property, with a double sided hanging sign. The similarities end there. The condominium sign is a round matching metal sign with gold vinyl letters. It serves as an identifier of the condos, but also to notify visitors and passersby that this is private property. Rejuvenate is a small office in a residential turned commercial area, so large lighted signs on the building or property are prohibited and they needed an alternative. This pole and bracket sign is classy and businesslike, yet has a modern look because of the sleek white aluminum rectangle shape choice and two color vinyl logo. Prominently displayed is the word “Entrance” as well as a directional arrow, making sure clients easily find the front door. An additional sign was hung across the back stairs by means of white chain to keep people from using that entry.

Bracket signs are a great solution for limited floor spaces indoors, as well, providing optimum heights for directional and informational lobby signs, especially at hallway intersections. Florida Eye Specialists, in Tampa, recently employed multiple hanging signs to make their lobby more customer friendly. Restrooms, elevators, and check- out signs help direct customers in the right direction without having to seek out an employee to do so. This allows personnel to continue their jobs with less interruption and empowers the clients with directional knowledge and makes visits less stressful. These hanging signs were made to coordinate with the existing logo lobby signs, so they too are frosted acrylic rectangles with attached black acrylic letters and arrows. They are suspended from the ceiling by silver poles and clamps, also matching the silver hardware used in the previous lobby signs. The look is clean, cohesive and modern.

Could your business use signage that you previously thought you didn’t have the space for? Consider the option of hanging signs. There are so many options available to fill your needs in a creative, professional way. Match them with existing signs or use them to draw attention. The choice is up to you, and Premier Signs of Tampa has the expertise to guide and advise you all about the advantages and varied selections of materials, colors, shapes, etc. that are involved in the process.

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