Signs are only effective if they can be seen, day or night. Lighted signs, by LEDs or spots, ensure that. However there are important signs that cannot be lit, but still need to be visible. Many of these are the outdoor directional signs that we all depend on to get where we need to go, even if the sun is not lighting them up. That’s where quality reflective signs come in to play.

Commercial properties need signs for their delivery areas, parking garages and lots, just to name a few. Some can be standard size, installed on metal poles throughout the property, but some need to be more customized. One such instance was a hospital client of Premier Signs of Tampa, who needed  extra long directional signs, complete with arrows. Premier Signs solved the problem by using large rolls of reflective material, custom cut, to attach to the custom sized metal. They then applied the vinyl text and arrows to the sign front. The result is just the right sign to fit on the exterior of their parking garage, in perfect view for their patients.

Signs like these help guide patients and customers to parking areas, adding to customer experience while lessening their anxiety. It’s an additional, yet subtle way to give clients a more positive experience. Many commercial and business properties would benefit from additional property signs like these. Take a look around your property as if it was your first visit, or survey new clients. You’ll be surprised at the positive feedback for your concern, and the added benefit of easing any former traffic problems. Other problems can be averted by placing reflective warning, permit only and danger signs, when necessary.

No matter the sizing, each one is much more productive if made with reflective materials. In inclement weather, or dark of night, this reflectiveness can be a life saver. Meant to light up the sign when headlights shine upon them, the reflective material allows your signage to continue to work even when conditions are less than favorable. A bottom line decision that shouldn’t be down played.

Other examples of great usage of outdoor metal  signs can be found in many residential subdivisions. Like commercial properties, directional signs are an important part of making the various streets and community buildings and areas, user friendly. If visitors to your home can’t find the main entrance, or your particular street, it’s a problem. If the property has a golf course or clubhouse, more visitors need to follow proper signage to get them where they need to go. Many HOAs and property developers have come to Premier Signs with just such concerns. Their experience with property signage has brought these clients to them and they have become satisfied repeat customers.

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