The Jersey Mike’s Subs has yet another central Florida location. Everyone passing by can see the signature script, Jersey Mike’s Subs name, from both the front side and back of the soon to be opened new location in Lakeland. This franchise knows the value of not only getting quality signs, but putting them in place prior to opening, to do advance marketing. Competition within the food service industry is huge, so getting a jump start on location identification and branding is a must. The entrance sign is made of acrylic channel letters mounted on a raceway that is painted to match the exterior building wall. It is a red script LED lit dimensional sign.

While the front entrance sign is a traditional Jersey Mike’s channel letter sign, the rear building sign is a bit more unique. Most often the additional side or back wall outdoor sign is an LED lit oval can sign that includes the logo in it’s red, white and blue. This location requested a can sign that has channel letters and an outer red rim attached to the front by pegs, allowing each to be halo lit. The result is a beautiful 3D rendering of the traditional logo, that is even more impressive at night.

This is the second time the franchise has asked for this unique combo sign for one of their locations. The first sign was made for a front exterior wall. This sign, however, hangs on the back wall where the service entrance is and deliveries are made. So, why put up a special sign, or any sign at all for that matter? It is because this building is a multi tenant center where the back faces heavy traffic. Heavy traffic contains potential customers. A good sign tells them of your existence and plants the seed for a future stop next time you are hungry.

Restaurants looking for signs know the value of new ideas and signs that are unique. They know that once they contact Premier Signs and give them an address, the rest of the steps are stream lined. Being a  repeat customer means Premier Signs already has the general specifications involved in their logo signs, i.e. colors, text, etc., on file. Next it’s usually a matter of measurements, exterior building wall color, lighting preferences, and the number of signs desired for the new location. Each location has individual needs for an optimum sign package, as well as codes and restrictions that are considered. That’s where an experienced sign company can really make the process easier and why they continue to have satisfied clients.

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