“Get your name out there!” Simple advertising advice, but it’s true. Spreading the word about your business is what effective marketing does. American Builders understands, and therefore all of their business vehicles bear their name and pertinent information. A repeat customer of Premier Signs of Tampa, they just outfitted their newest van with vehicle signs.

In a business like theirs, marketing is more effective away from their home office. Their trucks and vans can be seen all around the Tampa Bay area and beyond, heading to and from their many job sites. Displaying “on the go” advertising, on the streets and highways, surrounded by hundreds of potential customers every day. Even parked at a job site, business vehicle signage is doing its job.

Construction companies are not the only businesses that can profit from adding signs on their vehicles. Every business can. Businesses that deliver or offer catering are obvious beneficiaries. Their business vehicles are inherently in traffic, but every business is missing a big opportunity to advertise, every day, to a whole group of people that might never encounter their location’s signage. You and your employees share the road with potential customers each day just traveling to and from work.

Vehicle signs don’t have to be permanent. They can be door magnets that can be easily removed. These signs give you the ability to use them on various vehicles or change them out with customized holiday greetings or sales throughout the year. City vehicles often use magnets to help promote public festivals and community events.


Vinyl lettering and window signs are very popular and can also be removed. Logos, telephone numbers and website information are most often displayed on the back side of cars for most effective viewing. Window perfs are alternative  signs that allow full window coverage without obstructing the driver’s view, whether on just the back window or the sides too. Buses and vans, because of their oversized windows, are perfect vehicles for multiple window perfs.

Take it a step further and wrap your whole vehicle! Instantly change your business vehicle into a four sided billboard. And yes, you can wrap the entire vehicle, including windows, or leave them clear. These wraps can be the ultimate attention getter. An added benefit to a vehicle wrap is that it actually protects the original surface and can be removed when the vehicle is traded in or sold.

Take a look at your business vehicles and see what type of vehicle signage would best suit your company’s needs. A little or a lot, the value of vehicle signage should not be ignored. Contact Premier Signs of Tampa today to get advice on the best options for your business. Call 813-914-7006 or email to info@premiersignsfl.com.