Vinyl, vinyl everywhere. Have a blank window, door, or room divider? Need to add color, words or your logo to an existing wall? Vinyl can do that and more.

Vinyl has options galore, including an extensive array of colors and sizes. Customizing is easy since vinyl can be precision cut for intricate designs and text styles. Vinyl can be applied to wide range of materials like glass, acrylic, metal, plastic, and painted surfaces. This makes it a very versatile medium on its own, or added to other sign materials.

On its own, vinyl can transform your front windows into a billboard, covering some, or using a perf to cover the entire front. Printed window perf allow customers and staff to still view the outside, but provide privacy while creating an eye catching front display.

The most popular use of vinyl on the front of a business is usually applied to just the front glass door, but when more space is available, put it to use. Logos, business names, hours of operation, contact information, and multiple tenant listings, are put to use most often. Small or large letters and numbers can be customized for individual spaces, with great results. If you have double doors, a side window, or transom, don’t forget to use it too.

Indoors, vinyl can be applied to walls, room dividers, interior office doors, etc. Frosted vinyl can give an etched glass appearance, as well as a filtered light privacy. Meeting rooms and interior suite entrances, off a main lobby, are two candidates that really benefit from frosted vinyl. Colored vinyl can transform a large or small wall with its bright, vibrant hues, but it can also create a sophisticated logo especially when using a metallic color. While lettering is the most frequent vinyl use, medallions, flowers, and stripes are just a few of the other custom options.

Inherent characteristics of vinyl are being lightweight, yet durable, good for indoor and outdoor applications, cost effective, and the ability to be removed with little or no residue. This means that it is ideal for permanent installs and temporary. Businesses with multiple tenant situations, where names may need to be deleted or added, benefit from this easy removal feature. One time, or seasonal greetings, events, or sales can be added to windows and easily removed when promotion or holiday ends. Possibilities are virtually endless and Premier Signs of Tampa has helped many Tampa Bay businesses make great use of vinyl for their locations in many unique and creative ways. They can do the same for you. call 813-914-7006 or email questions to