Polymetal signs are durable and versatile enough to be used for many outdoor sign applications. With several base color choices and the ability to be used as a double sided sign, this sign medium is often used by property mangers, developers and real estate brokers. The polymetal sign can be made in large sizes, which are necessary for viewing from highways and in heavy traffic. This, along with pole installation, allows for optimum legibility, raising the signs high enough to avoid any obstructions. Pole installation also allows flexibility in height and placement, in order to adhere to city and county codes and restrictions.

Traffic from either side can view a large polymetal sign if is double sided or a multi view option includes a second set of poles to hold an additional sign in a V shape. Even a large sign is relatively lightweight so higher installs are possible, while still maintaining the signs’ durability. While the perfect sign type for selling real estate, it’s also great for new or established businesses and housing subdivisions that need an exterior property sign to announce their presence street side. Add color, arrows, and bold simple text, along with your contact information and watch the sign work for you.

Here are some examples:




Other outdoor sign uses for this versatile polymetal include a multitude of exterior business signs choices. Attaching a logo sign to your exterior wall, above the entrance,( like Premier Signs of Tampa’s client, Security 101), next to the front door, or around the side, are just a few of the options. Directional signs for parking lots, driveways and multiple building properties are commonly polymetal signs too.

Yet another outdoor sign application for this medium is being integrated into a monument sign. This usually done placing the sign between two monument poles or placed inside the monument frame. The result is very professional and can include multiple tenants. Contact Premier Signs of Tampa when considering your outdoor sign needs. Polymetal signs are only one of the many sign materials available and they can give you expert advice. Call today- 813-714-9006 or email to info@premiersignsfl.com.