The Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida is the perfect place to explore the many ways to fill vast indoor and outdoor spaces with the many sign mediums available. Fabric and vinyl banners, flags and floor signs are examples of signs used to promote the museum and it’s upcoming events and rotating collections, while continuing the visual artistry inherent there.

Some of the sign installations for the museum are fabric banners depicting art for their latest exhibit. They are installed hanging from the ceiling, filling some of the vast open air space high above patron’s heads, in this beautiful building. It helps to create another dimension to the museum’s art displays while allowing the MFA to have high ceilings and still maintain a warm inviting space. The banners are weighted at the bottom to help the sign to hang so that the entire sign can be seen at all times. The gentle movement from the hanging fabric signs add to the allure of the beautiful scene created overhead.

Banners like these are durable, but also easily rolled and stored for future displaying. This can also be said about other indoor and outdoor signs commonly used at MFA and other venues. Flags, posters, and vinyl banners are some of the most popular. Being cost effective is also a big consideration when filling large spaces, and these mediums can fill the bill. All of these sign mediums also give you plenty of options. Size, of course, is important for large space signs, but color variety, print choices, and varied installation options can be just as important. Clarity of your images or legibility and visibility of your name and/or message is imperative for creating an effective sign, no matter how big it is.

There are lots of large business spaces that do more than just one job. Venues like MFA, that are multi purpose in their use, need flexibility. Museum by day and reception area by night, some events, like wedding parties and charity benefits, need much of the indoor signage to be cleared from the floor space and even sometimes replaced with some of their own. Having the ability to reconfigure a large banner sign, for instance, along with its floor stand, is essential for a quick turn a round, and having the ability to changeout that sign, perhaps with a personalized welcome, is an added bonus! These extra events give companies added revenue, and sign options can give them a competitive edge, while adding to the bottom line.


Other large space buildings, such as athletic and concert arenas, churches, schools and hospitals, can also benefit from these beautiful signs, as shown here.




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