Lobbies, reception areas, or offices are all just square or rectangular rooms made up of blank walls, until you create a space with signage. Signs can do and say so many things to help make your indoor space inviting, client friendly, and most of all represent your business and help you market it.

Once they have walked thru your front door, your job is not done. Signs can reinforce your marketing, as well as direct and inform your customers, for a better overall experience.  There are many sign materials that you can choose from, but one of the most popular is acrylic. Acrylic is a very versatile and durable material that can be used as the base of your sign or precision cut to make letters and intricate logos. Acrylic comes in a vast range of colors and sizes, and can be frosted or digitally printed. Adding vinyl for lettering, directional arrows or symbols, adds yet another dimension of options.

Two of Premier Signs of Tampa’s newest clients’ indoor signs were are perfect examples of acrylic lobby signs, one with digital printing(Far Ridgeline Engagements), and the other with vinyl lettering,(Bliss Mortgage).


Because acrylic is relatively lightweight, installation choices are endless. Acrylic signs can be attached at relatively any height, directly to an interior wall, or positioned on the wall with pegs. Pegs pull the sign off the wall for added dimension. These indoor signs can also be hung from ceilings to be suspended behind a reception desk, floating high above an information station in a rotunda, or covering a large wall in an employee area.

The Vantagepoint Company in Tampa used acrylic signs to make their lobby come to life. A welcome sign of black acrylic with white and silver vinyl lettering greets clients upon entering their lobby. This sign is attached with silver pegs. An additional sign made of individual black acrylic letters, hung directly to the opposite interior wall, form the words to a company slogan, “Together we thrive.” These two signs, hung opposite each other, really give life to the reception area and show a positive business attitude to their clients, visitors and staff.

Large acrylic frosted sign suspended to hang in front of main stone indoor lobby wall

Black acrylic oval shape with metallic blue center and silver acrylic letters


Two other Tampa businesses, Essential Integrative Medicine and Kemperle, both show the creative ways to use acrylic for their interior wall signs:




With an indoor sign medium like acrylic, blank walls become walls full of possibility. Photos here show how many other Tampa Bay area clients, of Premier Signs of Tampa, have utilized these signs with transformative results.

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